January 23, 2008 (Archives)

Bob's Vlog: Welcome back and goals for 2008
President Robert "Bob" Davila, '53, explains his goals in his first vlog segment for 2008.

A job opening in the Office of Alumni Relations
Any BA/BS degree Gallaudet graduate is welcome to apply for an exciting job with the Office of Alumni Relations.

Class reunion chairs named for 2008 Homecoming
Class anniversary reunions for classes ending in 3 and 8 will be held during the 2008 Gallaudet Homecoming on October 16-18, 2008. Find out who is the reunion chair for your class.

2007 Buff & Blue Fever results shared soon
The Development Office is busy updating the 2007 Buff & Blue Fever results through the end of the year.

Online news sources keep alumni and friends informed about their alma mater's news.
A list of selected online news links are available for you to browse and get updated news, announcements, and press releases.

This E-Newsletter is a great source of news about old friends and interesting happenings.
Tell your friends about the Gallaudet Alumni E-Newsletter.

Are you a lost Gallaudet alumnus?
Find out who is on the Gallaudet Alumni Lost list. The updated list is posted on the new Gallaudet Alumni Website. We need your help to alert your lost friends to update contact information.

Regional conference hosted by District of Columbia Area Black Deaf Advocates offered to Gallaudet alumni
District of Columbia Area Black Deaf Advocates encourages Gallaudet alumni to attend its 2nd Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) on April 24-27, 2008 on the Gallaudet campus.

Gallaudet productions featured in critically acclaimed visual theater festival
At the two-week QuestFest event, shows put the spotlight on visual theater innovations that have become a hallmark of Gallaudet and Quest.

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