Alumni eNewsletter: Special Message from GUAA President Andy Lange (Archives)

Greetings Gallaudet Alumni!

This special message is being sent to Gallaudet Alumni world wide.

As you know the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees is currently in the process of soliciting nominations for board members to serve on the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has recently set up a nomination process and have clearly identified what is expected of each member of the Board. You can find this information by going to and review the documents there.

The Gallaudet Board of Trustees is encouraging individuals to nominate themselves as potential candidates for the board. Accordingly, the GUAA Board of Directors join me in encouraging YOU, as alumni to nominate yourself to the BOT. Deadline for nomination is April 9th. The nomination process is simple, state why you should be on the board, enclose a resume, and biography. It is strongly suggested that you review the nomination documentation.

As reflected in The Education of the Deaf Act (EDA), the law that established Gallaudet University clearly outlines the composition of the Board of Trustees. In this Act, Section 4303, (a) composition of Board, (1) (B) it is stated that "Eighteen other members, all of whom shall be elected by the Board of Trustees and of whom one shall be elected pursuant to regulations of the Board of Trustees, on nomination by the Gallaudet University Alumni Association, for a term of three years."

If you wish to be considered as an nominee from the GUAA, please send your letter of interest, resume and your biography to the GUAA President at

We must receive your nomination no later than Thursday, March 29th. We apologize for the extremely short timeline. The GUAA Board of Directors will select an individual to be nominated to the BOT by the April 9th deadline.

The GUAA strongly encourages Alumni to send nominations to the BOT directly. Let’s show the Board of Trustees that the Alumni have strong interest in seeing Gallaudet Alumni serve on the Board of Trustees.

Thank you,

Andy Lange ‘83
GUAA President

Posted: 8 Mar 2007

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