Alumni eNewsletter: Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund grant winner announced (Archives)

Gallaudet alumna Frances M. Parsons, ’67, received a grant for 2007-08 from the Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund (LCCF) of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA). The recipient will use the LCCF grant to continue her work on the book, I Knew Elizabeth Peet: Queen of Gallaudet.

Parsons, who lives in Washington, D.C., created a 144-page softcover book with illustrations (photographs from Alumni and Gallaudet University Archives) about the life of Elizabeth Peet. She decided to find facts about the well known lady after hearing myths. She prepared a biography and developed a collection of stories, memories, and anecdotes from aging Gallaudet alumni.

Peet came from a family of prominent educators of the deaf, including her father and grandfather who were principals of the New York School for the Deaf. Not only was Peet a professor of French at Gallaudet, she also served as a mother figure and mentor to the girls of Fowler Hall. She was Dean of Women for many years. She was also Gallaudet's foremost authority on sign language. One could say there would have been no Gallaudet if it weren't for Elizabeth Peet! Copies of the book will be on sale during the 2007 Gallaudet University Homecoming weekend.

Since 1968, the LCCF has provided financial support to 116 projects with over $216,000 through interest earned on the fund’s principal.

The LCCF was established with money from the $500,000 Centennial Fund raised by the GUAA. The purpose of the fund is to promote projects and activities that will lead to the cultural enrichment of deaf people. The fund may be devoted to support programs such as endowments of four LCCF awards, community leadership, dramatics, educational programs, information media, literature, memorials, motion picture and television production, talent bureau, and research relating to deafness.

Posted: 17 Jul 2007

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