Alumni eNewsletter: Graduate Fellowship Fund announces awards for the 2007-08 academic year (Archives)

This year, the Graduate Fellowship Fund (GFF) set a new record for the largest amount of money given to twelve recipients in the amount of $85,000.

Each recipient is enrolled in doctoral or terminal studies at an accredited university and will be able to use the funds for the 2007-08 academic year.

Since 1968, the GFF has provided financial assistance to 171 deaf and hard of hearing students who pursue further education at institutions outside Gallaudet University.

The Graduate Fellowship Fund was established with money from the $500,000 Centennial Fund raised by the alumni association. The principal of the Fund is endowed so monies earned from interest will be used to support special designated funds and to give grants to qualified individuals.

To be eligible for the fellowships, applicants must be deaf or hard of hearing, be admitted to an accredited graduate program, carry a full-time semester load, and have a need for financial assistance. Fellowships are awarded on an annual basis. Initial awards may be renewed for the duration of the course of study and for dissertation expenses provided that the holder of the award maintains scholastic standards. The award recipients for the 2007-08 academic year are:

Jennifer Brinkley, G-’99, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Argosy University
Adam Dubbin, AuD & Ph.D. in Audiology, University of South Florida;
Tawny Holmes, '05, J.D. in Law, Hofstra University;
Brian Karriker, D.D.S in Denistry, University of North Carolina;
Raja Kushalnagar, Ph.D in Computer Science, University of Houston;
Poorna Rajagopalan Kushalnagar, ’93, Ph.D in Neuropsychology, University of Houston;
Jason Larson, Ph.D in Early Christian Studies, Syracuse University;
Gabriel Love, ’85, D.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction, Argosy University;
Lindsey Rentmeester, D.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction, Vanderbilt University;
Aimee Whyte Solomon, '03, Ph.D in Counseling, University of Rochester;
Kirk Vangilder, D.T. in Theology, Boston University; and
Darlene Goncz Zangara, G-’90, Ph.D in Leadership and Change, Antioch University

Posted: 17 Jul 2007

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