Alumni eNewsletter: Open letter to the community on Gallaudet's accreditation status (Archives)

Office of the President
WASHINGTON, DC 20002-3695

June 29, 2007

Dear Campus Community,

As you know, for the past six months we have been working closely with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), our accrediting body, to address the need for change at the University and to put it on a path to long-term success. Today, MSCHE formally placed the University on probation. This action was not unanticipated; and in many ways we have been operating a self-imposed probation. We embrace change and are actively developing new processes to meet this challenge. To be clear: Gallaudet still remains accredited.

MSCHE notified Gallaudet in November 2006 that it was out of compliance with several accreditation and related reporting standards. Since January, the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and students united to focus on new beginnings and to pursue an aggressive, five point Transformation Plan to move the University forward. Specifically, six teams of faculty-staff-student work groups, under the direction of newly appointed Provost Dr. Stephen Weiner, are working to address MSCHE concerns. We have accomplished much in a short time. But our work together has just begun.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education Recent Action

In practice, probation means MSCHE will request additional monitoring reports on our progress, and will make team visits to the campus. Again, Gallaudet will remain accredited throughout the probationary period. We welcome this process and will continue to work closely with MSCHE – and the entire Gallaudet community – to build upon the work that has already begun. We are confident the actions we are taking will put us in compliance with the MSCHE accreditation standards. Working together, we can make a difference and ensure that our students receive the high quality education that they expect and deserve.

Progress and Potential

Gallaudet is like no other institution in the world, fostering a welcoming, supportive and accessible learning environment where both American Sign Language and English thrive. As a result, our students are better able to focus on what matters most: the academic excellence necessary to succeed in our rapidly evolving and multicultural global society.

In the coming days, weeks and months, we will carry on with the work begun last January. Your continued attention to and involvement in our transformation are critical to its success. Make no mistake: Gallaudet will be stronger for this effort.


Robert Davila

Stephen Weiner

Posted: 17 Jul 2007

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