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For many of us, the new school year has begun all over the world. We see students attending classes fresh from summer breaks. This year is indeed special here at Gallaudet! We are seeing changes on campus. The University had its revised curriculum set in time for new students. Our football team began its NCAA Division III season for the first time in years with a victory over Saint Vincent College last weekend (see elsewhere in the e-newsletter for a story). And … there is something for us, the alumni … the Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim") is our home again!

The alumni relations staff ended its two-year exile in the Edward Minor Gallaudet Building during the renovation of the alumni house. There are still things that need to be done in the building but that did not stop us from occupying the place in July. Alumni and visitors marveled at the changes, especially the brightness on the Upper Level and the design on the first floor. The place is "open for business". The formal opening ceremony will take place on Friday, October 19, at 9 p.m. This is when the alumni will be here for the Homecoming weekend celebration.

2007 Homecoming promises to be exciting. There will be numerous reunions including Greek Conclaves, classes, Alumni Emeriti Club, and affinities. A record breaking number of attendees have registered for 60th (Class of 1947) and 50th (Class of 1957) anniversary reunions. The Class of 1982 is challenging the record for the 25th anniversary reunion. Many other class reunions are being planned (see elsewhere in the e-newsletter for more information). GUAA will have its regular board meeting at the Peikoff Alumni House on October 19.

This month is also exciting for alumni all over the country. The last part of this e-newsletter contains information on eight alumni events coming up. Not only is that happening, the alumni in Southern Florida, under the leadership of GUAA Board Member June McMahon, ’74, will meet on October 7 to establish a chapter.

Alumni and friends, please stop by and visit the Peikoff Alumni House when you are on the campus. As always, feel free to contact the alumni relations office at

Posted: 6 Sep 2007

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