Alumni eNewsletter: President Davila's update on Gallaudet (Archives)

The new semester has begun. There is a lot of energy among the campus community. Faculty and staff were particularly involved this year in New Student Orientation events welcoming students to campus. They helped direct students to their residence halls while also carrying in boxes and suitcases. It was a team effort. The enrollment of new students this year is less than last year. However, enrollment entrance standards were increased and there are more students who are eligible for honors programs than in years past. That’s a great testament to the quality of the students that are here. Gallaudet is off to a great start!

At the same time, the University has taken a serious look at expenses and budget planning. In an email sent to faculty and staff on August 30, President Davila outlined some of the measures he is implementing to prepare for the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year (FY2008), which begins on October 1. For example, total payroll expenses for FY2008 will be capped at current levels, and the university needs to begin planning for long term reductions in the total number of employees—3% in FY2008. Also, the total cost for utilities has substantially risen in recent years—from $3.9 million to $6.9 million. Therefore, $3 million needs to be added to the current utilities budget so that this account can be balanced.

President closed his email by saying: "As we take these steps, I intend to ensure that our core academic programs are funded properly so that we can succeed in our primary goal, which is to provide the best possible programs of instruction and learning for our students. If we are able to achieve that goal, I am confident that we will resolve any remaining issues with MSCHE. Together we should look forward to a great future for our university."

Posted: 6 Sep 2007

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