Alumni eNewsletter: Captial City Market Project to develop a vibrant area near Gallaudet's campus (Archives)

Perhaps you've heard about or attended one of the meetings about the Capital City Market Project. In the past it was called the New Town Project or the 6th Street Development Project. It is now officially being called the Capital City Market Project. Basically, the project talks about the possible development of the warehouse and market area on 6th Street where Gallaudet has its overflow parking lot and storage area. Because this is such an important issue affecting the community, local businesses, and Gallaudet, we have developed a web page giving as much detail as possible on the issue, What happens, or doesn't happen, concerning the project directly impacts everyone at Gallaudet. There are many rumors concerning the project, so we encourage you to take a look at the web page and read the facts. Also on the web page is information on how Gallaudet's Deaf Space Class has been directly involved with Capital City Market Project.

So that everyone who is interested can learn about the project, Fred Weiner will give presentations on the Project. The presentations will be on Thursday and Friday, October 11-12, from 12-1, in the Jordan Student Academic Center, Flex Rooms A & B (lower level) for anyone wishing to attend. The presentation only takes 30 minutes, so there will be time for questions from the attendees. Feel free to bring your lunch and learn about the intricate process the project proposal has taken since last December.

Additionally, the D.C. Planning Office wants feedback from the Gallaudet community on the project so they have developed a survey which will be distributed to all attendees for completion. We have to send all surveys to the D. C. Planning Office Friday afternoon. There is also an email address where any comments or questions concerning the Capital City Market Project can be sent, The neighborhood around Gallaudet is changing and we have the opportunity to give input on those changes. Come and give your opinion.

(From a memo from Paul Kelly, vice president)

Posted: 11 Oct 2007

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