Alumni eNewsletter: Alumni contribute memorabilia during 2007 Homecoming (Archives)

Often, the alumni who come to their class reunions during the Homecoming weekend bring items they kept from their college days and give them to the alumni office. The 2007 Homecoming was no different!

Jason Ammons, ’47, brought his class jersey he used for intramural games while he was a student from 1942 to 1947. The jersey is about 65 years old. The colors are green and gold. His daughter, Donalda, was here when Jason made the gift. She did not realize until that moment that her father’s class colors were exactly the same as hers (Class of 1974). What a coincidence!

Ronald Hirano, Class of 1957, donated college jackets he wore during his college days from 1952 to 1955. They were a buff and blue cotton jacket with the Gallaudet logo and a buff and blue nylon jacket with the word "Gallaudet" on the back.

Bruce Hubbard, Class of 1972, gave two navy blue sport jackets, one with the Gallaudet logo and another with a Class of 1972 inscription.

The alumni office takes pride in these things. We will coordinate with the archives to provide appropriate care of these items so alumni can enjoy them for many years to come.

Thanks, Jason, Ronald, and Bruce!

Posted: 18 Dec 2007

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