Alumni eNewsletter: President Davilia's remarks about Marlee Matilin's upcoming appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" (Archives)
Marlee Matlin to continue a proud dance tradition (updated)
Oscar-winning actress and Gallaudet trustee Marlee Matlin will appear on the popular ABC show "Dancing with the Stars" beginning March 17.

The Buff and Blue student writer Samantha Krieger asked President Davila the following questions about Board of Trustees member Marlee Matlin being on "Dancing with the Stars":

B & B - What is your opinion/feeling on Marlee Matlin being on "Dancing With the Stars"?

Dr. Davila - I am thrilled to learn about Marlee's plunge into such a competitive program in which few, if any, would expect to see a deaf contestant. This clearly reflects her tremendous courage, confidence and outstanding talents. She is a wonderful role model for all of us. We are indeed fortunate to have her as a University trustee and as a champion of deaf rights. She is obviously comfortable with the enduring challenges she faces trying to be the best she can be.

B & B - How do you think this will have an impact on Gallaudet?

Dr. Davila - Marlee's participation in "Dancing with the Stars" will boost Gallaudet's constant message that Deaf persons are as versatile, talented, and accomplished as hearing persons. Gallaudet's graduates leave the University with knowledge, life skills, competencies, and job-related preparedness that past history has shown serves them well and leads to success in competitive environments. I know this firsthand inasmuch as I am a Gallaudet graduate, too.

B & B - How will she impact the Deaf community in general?

Dr. Davila - Marlee is recognized and appreciated within the Deaf community as a champion of Deaf rights, and she does not hesitate to advocate for improved public awareness of deafness and deaf people. I believe the Deaf community embraces her for her continuing efforts to portray Deaf persons in a positive light.

B & B - Will she be active on the Board of Trustees here at Gallaudet University?

Dr. Davila - Yes, I believe so. One of the conditions that is imposed on Trustees when they are appointed is that they dedicate themselves to service to the University and attend meetings and support the mission. It just happened that "Dancing with the Stars" created a scheduling conflict in the most unforeseen manner and she had to miss her first meeting.

Posted: 14 Mar 2008

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