Alumni eNewsletter: Retired library science professor and Gallaudet alumna Adele Jensen Krug, 30, celebrates 100th birthday (Archives)

Adele Jensen Krug’s birthday bash was hosted by her three children on Sunday, March 30. Adele had three "families" (her own family, Gallaudet University friends, and Goodwin House residents) to help celebrate her special day.

There was a brief program with Walter Krug Jr. as a moderator, Gallaudet University President Robert Davila, ’53, National Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority President Thelma Gonzalez Schroeder, ’78 & G-’80, and Gallaudet University Associate Director of Alumni Relations Daphne Cox, ’82. The University presented her with a framed picture of the newly renovated Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim"). "The photograph of the 'Ole Jim' is a wonderful reminder of the college and many fond memories," Walter said. Birthday cards and notes from both library science majors and Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority sisters were delivered to Adele. A video biography of her life was played at the end of the program. Many old Gallaudet buildings and special occasions were pictured in the video, which left Gallaudet friends filled with appreciation. It was clear that Gallaudet is in the Krug family’s hearts, since Adele and her family lived on the campus for 30 years.

The day after the party, Walter Krug Jr. and his wife, Janice, spent time with Adele and opened many birthday cards from Gallaudet alumni, former students, and sorority sisters. They were touched by the kind notes and remembrances, as well as several contributions to Gallaudet University by former students and sorority sisters. The family would like to thank them for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Biography (excerpts from program book)

Adele Gertrude Jensen Krug, daughter of Anton and Tillie Jensen, was born and raised in Thief River Falls, a small town in northwestern Minnesota. She had three siblings, James, Jennings, and Maybelle. When Adele was 8 years old, a case of the mumps left her with a slight hearing loss and the doctors predicted that her hearing would gradually diminish. After graduation from high school, she was encouraged to attend the Minnesota School for the Deaf (MSD) to learn sign language so that she could teach deaf students. Upon completion of the year at the MSD, she was offered a four-year scholarship to Gallaudet College. Following her graduation from Gallaudet in 1930, Adele taught at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf before returning to Washington, D.C. in 1932 to marry her sweetheart, Walter J. Krug. Walter, a 1927 Gallaudet graduate, was a teacher, coach, and dean of men at the college.

Adele and Walter lived on the Gallaudet campus, also known as Kendall Green, from 1932 to 1962. The young couple resided in the cozy Loge, the 7th street gatehouse, until 1940 when they moved into House #5 on Faculty Row where they raised their four children, Janice, Diana, Warren, and Walter. After the children were older, Adele began working for the college in the student snack bar and, in 1954, was asked to supervise student teachers in the Kendall School. One year later, she joined the staff of the Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Library as an instructor in library science. She had taught 177 students majoring in library science from 1955 to 1974. She obtained her master’s degree in library science from Catholic University in 1961 and retired from Gallaudet in 1975.

She has been very active in the National Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority and served as its president from 1954 to 1960.

After Walter died in 1962, Adele relocated to Hillcrest heights, Md., and then to Crystal City, Va., in 1977.

Adele has resided at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads since 1991. She lived in her own apartment until July 2007 when she moved to the assisted living floor. At the age of 93, after using a hearing aid for many years, she lost all of her hearing. In order to stay in daily touch with her family, she learned to communicate by email using a MailStation.

Adele is blessed with three surviving children (Janice passed away in 1996), 11 grandchildren, and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her 14th and 15th great-grandchildren in June.

Posted: 16 Apr 2008

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