Alumni eNewsletter: GUAA Election Screening Committee picks nominees for final slate of candidates (Archives)

GUAA Elections Screening Committee 2008 L to R back: Samuel Sonnenstrahl, 79 & G-84 (Executive Director of GUAA), Robert Scribner, 57 (Home Region), Maureen Behrens, 90 & G-94 (West Region), Aristotle Ogoke, 78 & G-80 (East Region), Marianne Sasseen, 70 (Middle Region), Ronald Hirano, 57 (West Region), Daphne Cox, 82 (Associate Director of Alumni Relations) L to R front: Lisa Jacobs, 81 (Home Region), Debbie Penrose, 89 (East Region) and John Serrano, 02 (Middle Region)

Eight members of the Election Screening Committee met on April 5 and 6 to select the top two nominees for each board position, excluding the treasurer position.

The GUAA would like to thank the following people for their service on the committee and their analysis of the nominees' experience and qualifications: East Region – Debbie Penrose, ’89, (Fla.) and Aristotle Ogoke,’78 & G-’80, (N.Y.); Middle Region – Marianne Sasseen,’70 & G-'77, (Tex.) and John Serrano,’02, (Tex); West Region – Maureen Behrens,’90 & G-‘94, (Wash.) and Ronald Hirano, ’57, (Calif.); and Home Region – Lisa Jacobs,’81, (Md.) and Robert Scribner, ’57, (Md).

With the exception of the positions of treasurer and two members at large, which will be filled by the board, the candidates on the mail ballot are:

President –
Larry R. Puthoff, ’70 (S.D.)
Alyce Slater Reynolds, ’76 & G-’78 (Calif.)

Vice-president –
Judith Mezzanotte Gilliam, ’68 & G-’74 (Ala.)
Michael L. Moore, '68 (Md.)

Secretary –
Nancy Evans Kensicki, '65 (Md.)
Andrew J. Lange, ’83 (Fla.)

Treasurer –
(To be selected by board)

Board Member – Home Region
Matthew R. Lockhart, '97 (Md.)
Karen Sheffer-Tucker, '81 (Md.)

Board Member – East Region
June Rothenberg McMahon, ’74 (Fla.) *
Charles M. Reisinger, '75 (Conn.)

Board Member – Middle Region
Ramesh S. Phadke, '81 (Ill.)
Hazel Bienvenu Wood,'74 (La.)

Board Member – West Region
Linda Hatrak Cundy, '74 (Alberta)
Estie L. Provow, ’62 (Wash.) *

* Incumbent

Ballots will be mailed to GUAA Active Lifetime Members in June. The announcement of new board members will be made in late July. The newly elected board’s term will begin this October.

Posted: 5 May 2008

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