Alumni eNewsletter: Alumni invited to attend valuable training on multicultural compentence and social justice at their alma mater this summer (Archives)

Dear Colleagues in Psychology and Social Work;

In our capacity as conference coordinators, and on behalf of the National Counselors of the Deaf Association, Cheryl and I want to inform you of an upcoming conference to be held here on campus.

The conference is to be held June 18-21, and details on the conference as well as on-line registration can be found at: (see NCDA conference on the right hand side, under "Resources")
or go directly to the registration link at
One of the unique aspects of this conference is the training being offered on Thursday.

The National Institute for Multicultural Competence (NIMC), Multicultural Competence and Social Justice

The training provided by NIMC is designed to provide counselors with an orientation to multicultural counseling and social justice practice using the RESPECTFUL model of counseling: "An Integrative Multidimensional Model for Counselors," by Michael D'Andrea and Judy Daniels. The RESPECTFUL counseling model represents a new, comprehensive, and integrative way of thinking about the people who are directly involved in the process of counseling and provides the counselor with 34 multicultural competencies to be incorporated into the counseling relationship.

Michael D’Andrea is a nationally and internationally-respected multicultural and social justice advocate who recognizes that the education and mental health professions are entering a new era. Among the factors that are contributing to the emergence of this new era in the educational and mental health care systems in the United States include:

• The new challenges that educators and mental health practitioners face as they deal with the rapid cultural-racial transformation of our citizenry and
• Recent reports that describe the overall failure of our existing school and mental health care systems to effectively and ethically meet the psychological needs of millions of people from culturally and racially varied groups in our society.

We would appreciate your assistance in two ways:
1. Relay this information to current students, and

2. If there is a mechanism to relay this information to alumni, we will off-set those costs.

If there are questions, please contact us for clarification.


Roger Beach and Cheryl Wu

Posted: 16 Apr 2008

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