Alumni eNewsletter: GUAA Board's spring meeting highlights (Archives)

The GUAA Board of Directors held its annual spring meeting in the conference room of the Peikoff Alumni House on Friday, April 4.

All board members were present:

President Andrew J. Lange, ‘83
Immediate Past President Gerald "Bummy" Burstein, ‘50
Vice President Alyce Slater Reynolds, ’76 & G-‘78
Secretary Judith Mezzanotte Gilliam, ’68 & G-‘74
Treasurer Isaac O. Agboola, ’81 & G-‘83
Home Region Board Member Michael Kaika, ‘72
East Region Board Member June Rothenberg McMahon, ‘74
Middle Region Board Member Larry R. Puthoff, ‘70
West Region Board Member Estie Provow, ‘62
Executive Director Samuel M Sonnenstrahl, ’79 & G-‘84

GUAA President Lange conducted the meeting. University President Robert Davila, ’53, and Provost Stephen Weiner, ’78, gave status reports on accreditation and the upcoming visit by the accreditation committee (Middle States Commission on Higher Education) and changes at the Clerc Center. Vice President of Administration and Finance Paul Kelly and Assistant Treasurer William Hughes, ’89, explained how the endowment funds are to be handled in accordance with generally accepted accounting rules (FAS 116 and 117).

After a presentation by Dr. Jane Norman, ’68, and the committee, the board agreed to endorse the effort to establish a museum on campus.

The board also:

1) Appointed Laurene Simms, Lisa Jacobs, ’80, Suzanne Stecker, ’97, and Gene Mirus, E-’92, to serve on the Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund committee;
2) Requested Sam Sonnenstrahl and Isaac Agboola to serve on the interviewing committee for the treasurer for the term of 2008-2012 and to select a third person to serve on the committee;
3) Agreed to discuss with the Hands On Travel agency the possibility of having it serve as the travel agency for the GUAA;
4) Designated the proceeds from the 2008 Gallaudet Golf Open for scholarships for underrepresented students at Gallaudet;
5) Selected Alyce Reynolds to represent GUAA at the 2008 National Association of the Deaf conference.

The board members commented that they were pleased with the lighting fixtures that were added to the conference room since their last meeting in October.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 17. It will be the last one for the current board.

Posted: 5 May 2008

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