Alumni eNewsletter: Gallaudet receives a commendable report from MSCHE (Archives)

Office of the President
WASHINGTON, DC 20002-3695

April 22, 2008

Dear Gallaudet community:

Yesterday I received the report of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) small team led by President Jonathon Gibralter. The report of the visiting team commends the Gallaudet community for its hard work this past year and the substantial progress made in addressing all of the MSCHE standards.

The complete MSCHE small team report has been posted on the Gallaudet web page, and everyone is encouraged to read this report and reflect on what we can and should do to continue to improve Gallaudet University. [Follow this link to the "2008 April – MSCHE Visit Exit Report."] Please note, however, that this report does not constitute a summary of the entire evaluation process; it is only the report of the team that visited Gallaudet. Because the commission's review processes sometimes result in an accrediting action other than the one recommended by the team, it must be stressed that the report is only one piece of a much larger whole that includes the monitoring report, the site visit, the commission's committee review, and deliberations of the full commission.

In the report, the visiting team made a number of important recommendations that the Gallaudet community must discuss and address with specific action plans. The small team report will be reviewed by a member of the commission, who will then make recommendations to MSCHE's Committee on Follow-Up Activities in May. This committee will then make recommendations pertaining to our accreditation. These recommended actions will go on the agenda of the full commission meeting in mid-June. The commission will inform us of its actions shortly after its June meeting. Pending these important commission actions and decisions, Gallaudet University remains accredited and on "warning" status.

While I am very pleased with the progress our community has made working together under the Team Gallaudet banner, I must remind you that our transformation plan for Gallaudet University must continue unabated in order for us to achieve the very highest standards of excellence for our students.

I am proud of our community and how you have addressed the challenges of the past year. Together, we have learned that there is nothing we cannot do when we come together and work collaboratively to improve the programs and services for our students. Please accept my thanks and heartfelt appreciation for your hard work and extraordinary commitment.

Best wishes,
Robert R. Davila

Posted: 5 May 2008

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