Alumni eNewsletter: Daphne Cox bids goodbye and says hello to alumni (Archives)

Dear Alumni Folks,

Maybe some of you already know that I have accepted a position with the Gallaudet University Office of Admissions as associate director. My first day with the new office was July 28. This move is both a "goodbye" and a "hello."

I am saying goodbye to this phase of my professional career as I look fondly on the last 13 years in the Office of Alumni Relations as assistant director, then associate director. This experience has left a lasting impression on me and given me cherished relationships and treasured friendships--with alumni of all ages at home and abroad, with GUAA board members, and with Gallaudet colleagues as we innovated and expanded alumni programs.

My heart is filled with special and fond memories about Alumni Emeriti Club induction ceremonies, anniversary class reunions, gigantic Homecoming festivities, annual Charter Day awards programs, Alumni E-Newsletters, the Gallaudet Alumni Website, GUAA elections, and GUAA’s Graduate Fellowship Fund and Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund activities and reports. I also have wonderful memories of working and greeting visitors in the historic Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim"). Thank you for your enthusiasm and volunteer services to the GUAA and Alumni Office programs that have made these times so wonderful!

But that is only half of it. I am saying hello to a new position on the campus that offers an exciting opportunity for me to complete a vast circle of connections with many constituent groups that has spanned my 26-year tenure at Gallaudet. In addition to helping me come full circle, the new position puts my administrative, programming, and management skills to work on enhancing Gallaudet's entire admissions process.

One of the Admissions Office’s goals is to build up a strong recruitment program involving alumni. Gallaudet needs alumni to serve as active ambassadors for their alma mater in recruiting prospective students. In the recruitment capacity, I continue to have ties with alumni constituent groups. The Admissions Office needs help from each of you to talk with prospective students and families in your hometowns, at college fairs, schools, and elsewhere about the great Gallaudet experience. (When you do this, be sure to get the prospective students’ contact information and send it to the Admissions Office).

As a caring alumna and loyal employee, I strive for a Gallaudet with the highest standards, fitting the visions of its founders almost 150 years ago. I pledge to stay in touch with you, alumni folks, and I will keep my word. You are welcome to stop by for a quick visit in the Chapel Hall, or send me an email--I still use the same email address,

As you can see, this is truly both a goodbye and a hello. I am still here, and still dedicated to Gallaudet. Please keep in touch!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support to our alma mater!


Daphne E. Cox, '82

Posted: 6 Aug 2008

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