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Alumni Relations Office hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on November 19, 2008

The Alumni Relations (AR) staff hosted a successful Homecoming 2008, in large part because of the outstanding number of alumni who volunteered their help. We had over 60 people from different walks of life giving their time and effort--from students volunteering for our office for the first time, to alumni who have volunteered for many years; from students in the master’s in interpreting program, to faculty and staff; and friends of the AR office staff, as well! We even had children of alumni who were celebrating their class reunion anniversaries, who came along with their parents to Homecoming and simply wanted to help out.

The AR staff wanted to find a way to thank everyone for their hard work, time, and dedication, so a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon was hosted at Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim") on Wednesday, November 19. More than 20 volunteers attended.

Volunteer program coordinator Peggy "PeV" Hlibok, ’84, and Assistant Director Abigail Drake, ’97 & G-’99, opened the program by thanking all the volunteers for contributing their time, and asked them to share highlights of their experiences mingling with alumni during Homecoming weekend. Many said they now have a greater appreciation as alumni, seeing how the spirit is strong among their fellow alumni. Everyone agreed they were inspired by the number of alumni that showed up to be part of the festivities, and by the appreciation of alumni when they realized a volunteer was helping them in some way--from shuttling them from event to event in golf carts, to helping set up food stations for the GUAA Board/Bummy Recognition Reception, to placing centerpieces on tables for the 25th and 50th anniversary luncheons and breakfasts.

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Paul Drehoff and Director of Alumni Relations/Executive Director of GUAA Sam Sonnenstrahl, ’79 & G-’84, also thanked the volunteers for their incredible efforts.

The program concluded with volunteer appreciation certificates being handed out. We, the AR staff, would like to recognize and thank the following volunteers for their hard work.

Brit Lundberg
Megan Matovich
Mark Graves
Ashley McAvoy
Chrissy Moreno
Pat Gorsuch
Andrew Berman
Caryn Heakey
Marta Vrbetee
Mark Grossinger
Dustin Carter
Wanda Riddle
Alison Joy Weiner
Thomas McKnight
Leticia Arellano
Suzanne Stecker
Gene Mirus
Bob Weinstock
Sherry Duhon
Robin Shannon
Adam Ledo
Elsie Caco
Terrence Davidson
David Chidlow
Jean Drake
Race Drake
Darrell Drake
Frances Marzolf
Mike Marzolf
Vilas Johnson
Nelly Schroeder
Agnes Sutcliffe
Ronald Sutcliffe
LaRee Carter
Cedric Bivins
Janice Bivins
David Burns
Amy Hile
Mary Thumann
Todd Byrd
Kirsi Griggs
Gustavo Navarette
Krystin Balzaine
Debra Moore
Ben Jarashow
Matt Malzhun
Brooke Budzinski
Carlene Thumann Prezioso
MJ Bienvenu
Ben Bahan
Carolyn McCaskill
Dirksen Bauman
Pia Marie Paulone
Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus
Travis Imel
Stephanie Kesterke
Jonah Meehan
Debbie Thiel
Jessica Brown
Bobby Freeman
Daphne Cox
Lisa Jacobs
Fallon Brizendine
Missie Lopez
Tyler Reisnauiz

Posted: 5 Dec 2008

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