Alumni eNewsletter: 12th Annual Academic Bowl Regional Competitions and Gallaudet Club events planned (Archives)

Regional competitions for the 12th Annual National Academic Bowl for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students will begin early next year, with the top two teams from each region squaring off in the finals at Gallaudet on April 25-27.

Conceived in 1997, the National Academic Bowl is sponsored by Gallaudet University. The purpose is to foster the pursuit of academic excellence, promote a spirit of academic competition and good sportsmanship, and encourage social opportunities for collegiality among students.

Alumni can "hit two birds with one stone" by attending one of the regional competitions for the 2009 National Academic Bowl for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. The regional bowls offer both exciting competitions among the best and brightest deaf and hard of hearing high school students AND an opportunity to meet alumni and friends after the competitions at Gallaudet Clubs.

The Gallaudet Club is an event that the GUAA chapters and the home office occasionally co-host. It is an informal gathering and provides a great opportunity to catch up with other alumni and learn about what's happening at Gallaudet. A Gallaudet Club event is planned for each region. Further details will be posted on the website and in a future e-newsletter issue.

The five regional competitions are:

For more information, go to the Academic Bowl website,

Posted: 22 Dec 2008

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