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December 17, 2009

Dear Gallaudet Community:

This week’s Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) update will brief you on recent activities and provide you a preview of LRSP activities in the New Year.

At the recent special Board of Trustees meeting, President Davila provided the board with an LRSP briefing, including an update on FY 2010 LRSP funding priorities. For FY 2010, Goal A (recruitment) and Goal B (retention) are the top priorities, and all available funds ($2.1 million) are allocated to strategies to increase enrollment and provide support to our students (retention). Of this $2.1 million, $1 million is set aside to provide increased scholarship support for students as a result of increased enrollment and higher student retention.

FY 2010 strategies and activities to support LRSP Goal C (increased revenue and efficiencies), Goal D (academic program improvement), and Goal E (research and outreach) will depend on managers reallocating existing personnel and budgets within Academic Affairs and Administration and Finance. A full description of the LRSP goals and strategies can be found on the Gallaudet website.

I have met several times with Dr. Hurwitz to ensure a smooth transition of the LRSP. Dr. Hurwitz has indicated that he strongly supports the implementation of the LRSP to help Gallaudet provide the next generation of students with the world’s best higher education opportunities. He has asked that we broaden the opportunities for faculty and staff participation in the implementation phase of the LRSP. More information about ways for faculty and staff to be involved with serving on goal teams or the Vision2020 Steering Committee will be shared in January. Participation in Goal D related to academic and career programs will be done through existing Academic Affairs groups such as the Academic Affairs Management Team, the Council on Undergraduate Education, and the Council on Graduate Education. We do not want to unnecessarily create more ad hoc committees when there are sufficient structures and processes already in place.

Beginning in January, we will stop using the term LRSP and start referring to the planning process as the Gallaudet Strategic Plan (GSP) 2010-2015. Information about the GSP can be found at the Vision2020 website at

If you or your department have questions about the GSP, please do not hesitate to email me at or invite me to a meeting of your department to answer questions or to give an update presentation.

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.


Richard Lytle
Special Assistant to the President
Executive Director Strategic Planning

Posted: 18 Dec 2009

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