Alumni eNewsletter: President Hurwitz expresses gratitude to the response by the Gallaudet University community to disaster in Haiti (Archives)

(Note: President Hurwitz, in a Tuesday, January 26 letter to the campus community, addresses what the Gallaudet community has been doing to help the residents of the Republic of Haiti. Hurwitz also encourages the community to keep in mind those who may be at even more of a disadvantage--deaf and hard of hearing residents who may not have equal access to information and services as their hearing counterparts.)

Office of the President
WASHINGTON, DC 20002-3695

January 26, 2010

Dear Campus Community:

I was extremely gratified to see the ad hoc response of the Gallaudet University community to the January 12 earthquake in the Republic of Haiti. Many of you have already made individual donations of money, food, clothing, time, and support. We collected cash donations at our men’s and women’s basketball games on January 13 and 20. We made available mental health counseling services for anyone affected by the crisis. Our students and alumni organized a 24-hour Spin-4-Haiti fundraiser on February 5 and 6.

I know that the nationwide and worldwide response to this catastrophic natural disaster will continue for some time to come. While, of course, we support all Haitians, we must express special concern for the Haitians who are deaf and hard of hearing and, in fact, all Haitians with disabilities. We must ask whether they are receiving food and water, health care, social service assistance, and information. Gallaudet has been in contact with the American Red Cross, and has offered assistance to the deaf community. We are also in touch with schools and organizations that serve and support Haitian adults and children who are deaf and hard of hearing, including Institut Montfort, Friends of Montfort, and St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children.

More information about our response is posted on a special webpage.

Please join Vicki and me in extending thoughts and prayers to everyone who is affected by the Haitian earthquake. We are all Haitians, and together with the rest of the world, we will help to rebuild and resurrect Haiti.


T. Alan Hurwitz

Posted: 5 Feb 2010

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