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Year in Review

Banquet – DPN20 Celebration
The GUAA Riverside Chapter had the pleasure of hosting a DPN20 celebration at the Indian Hills Country Club, where several past GUAA functions have been held.

Over 130 Gallaudet alumni and friends enjoyed a great Italian style buffet feast. Our featured guest was Phil Bravin, '66, who shared highlights of Deaf President Now at the November 16, 2008 event, held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the historic DPN movement. Earlier, on the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) campus, he gave a magnificent talk to high school students about the impact the Board of Trustees had on the decision to hire I. King Jordan as the first deaf president of Gallaudet University.

Also at the DPN20 celebration, Mel Carter, ’66, inspired the audience to sing, "Hail to the Mighty Bisons," following a silent auction that resulted in a bidding war. The auction raised $7,000, which included generous donations from Western Interpreting Network, Viable, ASL Club of Riverside Community College, DawnSignPress, CSDR, and

GUAA awards by the chapter were given out to recognize individuals in the community who have contributed their time and effort to enrich the lives of deaf people. The awardees were: Audrenne Ammons and Morton Bayarsky for their years of loyal service; Lisa Price for her endless enthusiasm and volunteer efforts in the deaf community; Laurie Pietro for her ongoing dedication in volunteering and interpreting; Darlene Wadler and Tina Jo Breindel for reviving the local GUAA, and organizing the banquet; and Bummy Burstein for serving on the GUAA Board over 30 years (as national GUAA president since his first term in 1982, again in 1991). How gratifying it was to see such energy, warmth, and thoughtfulness displayed, and it will continue to flourish for a long time!

First GUAA Meeting of Year

A GUAA gathering sponsored by Purple and FEAST of CSDR was our first official meeting of 2009, prior to having guests Jim MacFadden and Tom Humphries, who shared words on the presidential search campaign (which resulted in the appointment of Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz as the tenth president.)

Celebrating Gallaudet's 222nd Birthday

We sponsored a celebration of Gallaudet Day on December 10 at CSDR. Approximately 600 attendees, including students from CSDR and visiting schools, witnessed this historical moment when Gallaudet’s direct descendants, Thomas Gallaudet III and Thomas Gallaudet IV, from Palm Springs, appeared as guests to join us in the celebration. Quite a sight! They shared some interesting antecedotes; one that particularly inspired us was a story about a tea saucer Sophia Fowler had as a child that she recceived from Betsy Ross when George Washington was president of United States. Thomas Gallaudet III has this very tea saucer at his home!

Posted: 5 Feb 2010

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