Alumni eNewsletter: How has technology affected Gallaudet University? (Archives)

I am currently taking a Senior Capstone Seminar in sociology, a one-year research class. Last fall, we were asked to select a topic we'd like to research, and I came up with "How has technology affected Gallaudet University over the years?" This study will analyze how deaf people have changed their behavior due to the availability of technology.Technology has really grown fast over the past 10 years for everybody, including the Gallaudet community.

I want to know how Gallaudet alumni managed in the past, with the lack of technology. I have developed a survey with questions, such as: How were alumni able to contact their friends to make plans? What technology would they use to do their homework? How would they advertise their organizations’ events? etc.

I hope to get at least 50 alumni respondents and 50 current student respondents to fill out my survey. I will develop categories like: classes of 1950-1960, 1961-1970, etc. Due to my knowledge gained from past sociology classes, I have several methods available to analyze the data.

My goal is to develop a timeline of change in students' and professors’ relationships, social life, academic life, and in other areas based on their use of different types of technology. My hypothesis is that people’s behavior and use of technology at Gallaudet has changed dramatically over time, and I want to gather the necessary data to prove it.

The link is

Thank you!

--Emily Fisher

Note: This survey has been approved by Gallaudet's Institutional Review Board.

Posted: 12 Mar 2010

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