Alumni eNewsletter: Charter Day Brunch and Awards Program set for April 17 (Archives)

Photo: Charles Wildbank
Charles Wildbank
Photo: Lynn Boren
Lynn Boren
Photo: Melanie Paul
Melanie Paul
Photo: Steve Hamerdinger
Steve Hamerdinger
Photo: Barbara Kannapel
Barbara Kannapel
Photo: Robert Davila
Robert Davila

Every year for the past 41 years, the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) and Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund (LCCF) Committee have recognized individuals who have given back to the Deaf community and GUAA, because the importance of serving the Deaf community in various ways is important as it reflects upon the GUAA community and beyond as a whole. Each year there is always a unique and interesting group of dynamite individuals with various skills and talents, and it is fascinating to see how they have spent their time.

This year the GUAA and LCCF are proud to announce their 2010 award winners:

GUAA Outstanding Young Alumnus AwardóLynn Ray Boren, ’96 (Md.) This award goes to a young alumnus or alumna of Gallaudet University of the past 15 years who has performed some impressive service to the University and/or the deaf community, or who has brought recognition to our alma mater through some notable achievement in his or her personal or professional life.

GUAA Pauline "Polly" Peikoff "Service to Others" AwardóMelanie (Skripnek) Paul, ’74 (Va.) This award goes to an individual, hearing or deaf, from the deaf community who has contributed of himself or herself to the community, especially as a volunteer.

LCCF Alice Cogswell AwardóStephen H. Hamerdinger, G-’89 (Ala.) This award recognizes an individual for valuable service on behalf of deaf people.

LCCF Amos Kendall AwardóCharles Wildbank, (N.Y.) This award is given to a deaf person for notable excellence in a professional field not related to deafness.

LCCF Edward Miner Gallaudet Award--Dr. Robert R. Davila, ’53 (Md.) This award is given in recognition of national or international leaders for promoting the well-being of deaf people.

LCCF Laurent Clerc AwardóDr. Barbara Kannapell, ’61 (D.C.) This award is given for outstanding social contributions by a deaf person.

There will be brunch at the 41st Annual Charter Day Awards on Saturday, April 17 to recognize this group of terrific and talented winners at the Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim"). Fred Beam will be Master of Ceremonies and will lead the program with a special guest speaker, Fred Weiner, ’88.

The recipients continue to be a source of pride for the GUAA and the Deaf community because they are carrying on the legacies of the people whose awards they were bestowed upon in exceptional and diverse ways. They also reflect the current trends in a changing world and how the needs of the community have changed over the years. It is an honor to have all of them on campus at the same time, and to be able to hear their stories and experiences.

See the flyer to purchase tickets to the brunch and awards ceremony.

Posted: 12 Mar 2010

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