Alumni eNewsletter: Members named to Working Group on Honorary Degrees (Archives)

March 19, 2010

Dear Campus Community:

As you know, we have established an ad hoc Working Group on Honorary Degrees. The Working Group is charged with reviewing the current process used for nominating candidates for honorary degrees, and it will then develop proposals for a revised process.

The proposed process should ensure that the widest possible range of people are nominated to the board each year, with the understanding that typically only two or three honorary degrees can be awarded. It also should include a thorough vetting process for reviewing candidates to ensure that every aspect of their background is considered, including both their accomplishments and relationship to Gallaudet and whether it is appropriate to bestow this recognition on them. The proposed process and the standards and criteria for selection should be easy to understand, clear, and efficient. It should facilitate input from all stakeholders of Gallaudet, while being respectful of the need for confidentiality in deliberations.

I am pleased to announce the members of the Working Group:
Faculty: Dr. Jane Nickerson and Dr. Barbara White
Administration: Dr. Carol Erting
Staff: Robert Weinstock
Graduate students: TBD
Undergraduate students: Jacob Leffler
Alumni: Dr. Edward Corbett, Jr. and I. Earnest Okwara

As designated by the board, Dr. Tom Humphries, a member of the Board of Trustees, will serve as chair of the Working Group. Dr. Michael Moore, director of special projects for the Office of the Provost, will serve as vice chair, as selected by the Working Group itself. The Working Group is expected to submit a memorandum to me by the end of this academic year with one or more proposals for a revised process. The board will consider the proposal(s) from the Working Group as it establishes a new process for awarding honorary degrees.

Please note that the Working Group is developing proposals for the process, not recommending candidates for honorary degrees.

The Board of Trustees appreciates very much the fine work this committee will do.


Benjamin J. Soukup

Posted: 9 Apr 2010

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