Alumni eNewsletter: Task force to review non-academic programs (Archives)

The following email was sent by Vice President for Administration and Finance Paul Kelly to the campus community about reviews of non-academic programs the University will be conducting.

March 23, 2010

Task force to review non-academic programs

During these challenging financial times, Gallaudet University, like many other institutions of higher education, is taking the steps necessary to ensure the long-term fiscal viability of our University.

As one of these steps, President Hurwitz has asked for the establishment of a task force to review all University non-academic programs to develop recommendations on how non-academic resources should be reallocated in a manner that addresses our strategic priorities. Dean Dwight Benedict and Executive Director Fred Weiner will be co-chairing this task force. Note that in a previous step, the University has established the Program Prioritization Task Force (PPTF) to review all academic programs to ensure we are allocating the appropriate resources to the most important academic programs.

The task force will review all non-academic University operations as well as specific non-academic areas in the Clerc Center that perform similar functions in the University. Mr. Larry Goldstein, who is currently advising the PPTF, will be providing similar services to the non-academic task force. The task force will be comprised of representatives of key campus constituencies including appropriate representation of staff. Mr. Benedict and Mr. Weiner will be submitting a planning outline March 31st to me for approval. I will be working closely with all the division heads to ensure that each division’s viewpoints are represented in the process.

The final report is expected to be submitted to me in the fall and will be reviewed with President Hurwitz before it goes to the Cabinet for consideration.

The campus will be kept apprised of ongoing developments concerning the work of this task force.

***Note: A website for the Program Prioriziation Task Force (PPTF) has been established to keep the Gallaudet community up-to-date on the progress the PPTF is making regarding its review of academic programs, what changes will be made, and to answer questions the community may have. A website for non-academic programs is currently being developed.

Posted: 9 Apr 2010

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