Alumni eNewsletter: GUAA Board announces treasurer and members at-large (Archives)

The Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) Board is pleased to announce that it has filled its three appointed positions – treasurer and two members-at-large – for the 2012-2016 term. The GUAA Board is now complete.

The GUAA Board officers and regional Board members were elected through a year-long election process by all GUAA Life Members. They began their term in April 2013 during Charter Day weekend (April 4-6).

The GUAA bylaws state that the Treasurer is elected by the outgoing Board, and the two members-at-large are elected by the new Board. In October 2012, the outgoing GUAA Board welcomed Terence D. Berrigan back for his second term as GUAA treasurer. At the April 2013 meeting, the new Board appointed Ramesh Phadke, ’81 to his second term and Jose Ovilio Velasquez, ’04, to his first term.

The members of the GUAA Board for 2012-2016 are:

Alyce Slater Reynolds, '76 & G-'78 (CA), President
Donalda Kay Ammons, '74 (FL),Vice President
Linda Hatrak Cundy, '74 (Alberta), Secretary
Terence D. Berrigan, '78 (MD), Treasurer
Mary Lynn Lally, '66 (MD), Home Region
Louis Jay Schwarz, '68 (FL) ,East Region
Hazel "Pauline" Bienvenu Wood, '74 (LA), Middle Region
Jennifer Marie Kononenko, '00 & G-'04 (AZ),West Region
Ramesh Phadke, '81 (IL), Member-At-Large
Jose Ovilio Velasquez, '04 (TX), Member-At-Large
Gerald "Bummy" Burstein, '50 (CA), Board Member Emeritus
Samuel M Sonnenstrahl, '79 & G-'84 (MD), Executive Director

Posted: 13 May 2013

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