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What is Deaf Stories Corpus (DSC)?

This is a collection of STORIES! The Department of ASL & Deaf Studies is conducting a narrative documentation in Sign Language to preserve the history of the Gallaudet experience as told by Gallaudet Alumni. In celebration of the University’s 150th, there will be a DSC crew who will approach Gallaudet Alumni like YOURSELF, to film your stories of your wonderful Gallaudet memories.

Be on the lookout for the DSC Crew during the Gallaudet Reunion on campus in July! Clad in Buff and Blue DSC t-shirts, the Crew will be roaming around day and night with video cameras to capture everyone’s stories. Your stories are important as they preserve Gallaudet’s history. By sharing your stories, this will benefit and impact other academic fields such as Linguistics, Anthropology, ASL, Deaf Studies and History to name a few. This will allow future generations of Gallaudet scholars to understand our Gallaudet rich heritage.

How will this be done?

The interview can be conducted one-on-one privately or in a group with your friends. We will ask basic questions about your Gallaudet experience. The Tower Clock will be shown to you in an effort to further revive your glorious past.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Gallaudet Reunion, July 9 to 12th!

If you participate, you will receive a complimentary DVD with your interview included in it!

If you wish to schedule a specific time to contribute your stories, please feel free to contact us at

Posted: 8 May 2014

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