Alumni eNewsletter: Gallaudet Reunion Tickets Going Quickly (Archives)

Beloved Alumni,

It is hard to believe we are two months away from the Gallaudet Reunion! It has been truly inspiring to see alumni from all walks of life all over the world register - and we cant wait to see everyone together in one place. We hope those who have registered - or are considering registering for it are looking forward to the events that have been planned for you.

Here are some updates for you:

Due to space limitations, it is possible that we will stop accepting registrations before the deadline (June 23). If you are planning to register, please do so soon!

Visitor Housing has been dealing with lodging requests for the Gallaudet Reunion. They recognize there are alumni who are very eager to have their questions answered and receive room assignments. However this time of year is an extremely hectic time for them because they are dealing with students moving in and out of dorms due to the end of the semester and starting summer school along with housing requests for those who plan to attend graduation on Friday, May 16. Due to this, there may be a delay in responses to alumni but they are is making every effort to try to respond to inquires in a timely manner.

The evening entertainment line - up is now complete! Manny Hernandez, '01, professional ASL storyteller will be the Master of Ceremonies at the Gallaudet Club program on Thursday, July 10. He joines the likes of Linda Bove, '68 & H-'06, and Ed Waterstreet, '68 & H-'06, Rosa Lee Timm, E-'97 and Russell Harvard, '08, along with John Maucere, E-'87. We are sure you will enjoy the evening entertainment each night!

After the deadline on June 23, those who have registered will be receiving detailed information on the Gallaudet Reunion.

Posted: 8 May 2014

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