Alumni eNewsletter: 2016 - 2020 GUAA Board of Directors Elected (Archives)

The election results for the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) Board of Directors' 2016-2020 term are complete. The board will begin its term after the 2016 Homecoming.

The new officers are:

• Donalda Kay Ammons, ’74 (Fla.) -- President
• Hazel Pauline Bienvenu Wood, ’74 (La.) -- Vice President
• Linda Hatrak Cundy, ’74 (Alberta, Canada) -- Secretary
• Janet Sue Rothenberg Weinstock, ’78 & G-'81 (Md.) -- Board Member-Home Region
• Donna Frances Drake, ’69 & G-'71 (Fla.) -- Board Member-East Region
• Jose Ovidio Velasquez, AAS ’89 & '04 (Tex.) -- Board Member-Middle Region
• Jennifer Marie Kononenko, ’00 & G-’03 (Ca.) -- Board Member-West Region

NOTE: The treasurer will be appointed by the board in October and two members-at-large will be appointed in April 2017.

A total of 1,793 out of 5,644 alumni cast their votes during the 2016 election. This is a participation rate of 31.8% which is outstanding. The GUAA thanks alumni for their continued support.

The GUAA and the Office of Alumni Relations convey their most sincere appreciation to the GUAA Abraham Lincoln (Ill.) Chapter, which served as the GUAA Election Committee, for its great work during the year-long election process. The committee members are: Chair Joseph A. Vieira, ’07, James Casson, '88, Paula Chance, ’67, Lori Niemann, E-'99, Paul Pyers, '69 and Lynn Estes Walter, '88 & G-'13.

Appreciation is also extended to the GUAA Election Screening Committee, which deliberated for two days last April to screen all candidates and determine the final slate for the official mail ballot: East Region – Jonah Meehan, '11 (MA), and Poorna Rajagopalan Kushalnagar, '93 (NY); Middle Region–Patrick Robinson, '91 (AL), and Martha Scribner, '86 (TX), West Region–Barbara Bernstein-Fant, '75 (WA), and Richard Leon, '74, (AZ); and Home Region–David Martin, '90 (MD), and Mark Nagy, '72 (MD).

Posted: 2 Sep 2016

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