Alumni eNewsletter: Gallaudet University Short-term Strategic Plan (Archives)

Special note: This was sent to the campus community and is being shared with alumni because your input is valuable and needed. The deadline to submit your input is Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Dear Campus Community,

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Thank you for attending my Welcome Home speech. It was an honor to be with you all this afternoon as the University’s short-term strategic plan was unveiled. Today, like each and every day, I feel inspired by the unwavering commitment and love our community has for our University.

The short-term strategic plan will run from October 2017 through 2020 and is designed to strengthen Gallaudet’s foundation and align resources for our long-term transformation. Developing our strategic plan has been a fully internally-driven process, we have not used external consultants.

As I shared, the strategic plan process really began when I arrived on campus. We received considerable input on what was working, what needed attention, and what were Gallaudet’s opportunities and challenges. Many community members expressed frustration that they have been providing similar input for a long time without action. We listened to you and knew we had to act, not just plan. We also knew we had to identify our most important priorities so we could do the essential work you told us needed to be done.

Based on your input, six priorities emerged: Our Bilingual Mission; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence; Student/Learner Success and Experience; Institutional Infrastructure; Academic and Community Vitality; and Strengthening Revenue Streams and Improving Financial Management Practices.

These priorities reflect our values for language equity, citizenship, diversity/equity/inclusion, learning and curiosity, and commitment to developing a shared understanding. As I shared, we began work in each of the priority areas last year. Examples of some of the important initiatives underway include:

1) Developing a framework of the vision, values, and practices for our bilingual mission,
2) Undertaking a review of General Studies Requirements (GSR) classes,
3) Establishing a Diversity Strategy Team and selecting our Chief Diversity Officer, and
4) Establishing the University’s vision for the 6th Street Project and selecting an architect.

We are now ready to begin finalizing our short-term strategic plan and will present it to the Board of Trustees during the October meeting for their approval. As we finalize the plan, we need your input.

This website has the draft strategic plan in ASL and English as well as a section to provide your feedback. Patricia Suarez, who is supporting the strategic plan work in my office, presents the ASL version of the strategic plan.

After the Board approves the plan, we will focus on putting it into action. This will require all of us to work together. I know that achieving our strategic plan will happen because of what we all do every day.

Once the short-term strategic plan is set, we will design a process to set a long-term strategic plan. This will begin next year and will engage a committee.

Thank you for taking the time to review and provide feedback on our short-term strategic plan. I look forward to your input.

Roberta J. Cordano

Posted: 13 Sep 2017

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