Alumni eNewsletter: Deaf Way II Website Now Has Videoclips, Photos, Final Statistics, Articles, & Souvenirs (Archives)

If you haven't checked out the Deaf Way II site lately, videoclips, photos, final statistics, and articles about various events now appear, so take a look! You might get a whole other perspective reading about Deaf Way II after the fact. The event drew 9,675 people from 121 out of 188 different countries and has most definitely become something that attendees will never forget. If you still want souvenirs, The Bison Shop, formerly known as the
Gallaudet Bookstore, sells a variety of Deaf Way II memorabilia. To see videoclips, photos, and articles, go to To read final statistics, go to To order Deaf Way II souvenirs, go to

Posted: 8 Aug 2002

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