Alumni eNewsletter: Graduate Fellowship Fund awards grants to nine individuals (Archives)

Nine people have been given grants for the 2003-2004 academic year by the Graduate Fellowship Fund of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association. Each recipient is enrolled in a doctoral or terminal studies at an accredited university. Since 1968, the fund has provided financial assistance to 155 deaf and hard of hearing students who pursue further education at institutions outside Gallaudet University.

The award recipients for the 2003-2004 academic year are: Lyla Jelana Brown, Ph.D in International & Comparative Education, University of Bristol; Jody Cripps, 98, Ph.D in Second Language Acquistion and Teaching, University of Arizona; Jacquelyn Dalton, Ph.D in Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Daniel Davidson, DPT in Physical Therapy, Hampton University; Katherine Delorenzo, 97,Ph.D. in English, City University of New York; Edina E. Jambor, Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of Nevada; Philipp Rassman, Ph.D. in Archaeology, University of Washington; Damien Thompson, 97, DPT in Physical Therapy, Hardin-Simmons University; and Kirk Van Gilder, Doctor of Theology, Boston University.

The Graduate Fellowship Fund was established with money from the half million-dollar Centennial Fund raised by the alumni association. The principal of the Fund is an endowment, which also received monies for special designated fellowship funds within the general fund.

To be eligible for the fellowships, applicants must be deaf or hard of hearing, be admitted to an accredited graduate program, carry a full-time semester load, and have a need for financial assistance. Fellowships are awarded on an annual basis. Initial awards may be renewed for the duration of the course of study and for dissertation expenses provided that the holder of the award maintains scholastic standards. The deadline for completing GFF applications is April 20. The Graduate Fellowship Fund Committee is made up of seven members. Dr. Nancy Evans Kensicki, 65 & G-67 is the current chair of the Committee. Additional information and applications may be obtained by writing to the GFF Committee, Peikoff Alumni House, Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Avenue, N.E., Washington, DC 20002-3695. E-mail users can send email inquiries to

Posted: 15 Aug 2003

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