Alumni eNewsletter: New Alumni Emeriti Club To Be Part Of This Year's Homecoming Festivities (Archives)

The Office of Alumni Relations is very pleased to announce a new program - the Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club - as a part of the annual homecoming festivities.

The goals of the Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club are:

1. To honor the classes, graduates and non-graduates alike, that have reached their fiftieth anniversary mark and beyond.

2. To recognize the members of these classes for their service to the University and the Gallaudet University Alumni Association.

3. To provide a program of interest to the individual members of the Club, and to provide a means for uniting the efforts of members in continuing to support the mission of Gallaudet University.

4. To give members an opportunity to reunite with others in the 50+ classes through fellowship, mini-reunions, and Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club celebrations.

The updated schedule of the Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club Celebrations is listed below.

Friday, October 22

10:00 a.m. to 12 noon, Registration for Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club members

2:00 to 3:00 p.m., Gallaudet University Alumni Emeriti Club Induction Ceremony, Chapel Hall (NEW TIME). The induction ceremony for all new members of the Gallaudet Alumni Emeriti Club will be led by President I. King Jordan, 70. In a graduation-like ceremony, new members will be honored with 50+ years medallions.

Saturday, October 23

11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., 50+ Years Classes Reunion/Luncheon, Peikoff Alumni House Conference Room

Any interested member from the Classes of 1954 and earlier should inform the Office of Alumni Relations of his/her desire to participate in the induction ceremony (Friday) and the free luncheon (Saturday). $20 for non-member luncheon attendees. The extended deadline for RSVP is October 12, 2004. Contact Daphne E. Cox, '82, Associate Director, Alumni Relations at (202) 651-5060 (v/tty); (202) 651-5062 (fax); or email

Posted: 30 Sep 2004

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