Alumni eNewsletter: Recent Gallaudet Hires Include 26 Alumni (Archives)

Gallaudet is proud of the increasing numbers of alumni who are employed at the University. For example, at the start of the current academic year, Gallaudet hired a total of new 49 employees. Of that number, 26 are Gallaudet alumni! Below is the list of employees and their newly hired class years, job titles, and name of department.

Laurie Anderson, '03, teaching fellow, Clerc Center;
Mary Augustyn, '90, residential educator, Clerc Center;
Stephanie Baker, interpreter I, Gallaudet Interpreting Service;
Khari Balogun, residential educator, Clerc Center;
Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict, '80 & G-'03, assistant professor, Communication Studies;
Jill Bradbury, assistant professor, English;
Rayeleen Casey, instructor, English (temporary);
Lawrence Cohen, '93, coordinator, residence education, Clerc Center;
Carol Croyle, instructor, Education (temporary);
Elizabeth Daly, bus monitor, Transportation;
Nancy De Witt, '98, interpreter I, Gallaudet Interpreting Service;
Jonelle Deja, '04, research technician, Genetics/Biology;
Paul Dudis, G-'98, assistant professor, Department of Linguistics;
Daniel Dukes, coordinator, Honors Program, Clerc Center;
Karen Ewing, G-'89, instructor, Education/Project Success 8/02 (temporary);
Patricia Foley, associate professor, Communication Studies;
Audrey Frank, educational specialist, Social Work;
Maribel Garate, G-'97, instructor, Education (temporary);
Lauralynn Helms-Salit, '93 & G-'97, coordinator, student development, Clerc Center;
Kamilla Joskowiak, science teacher/researcher, Clerc Center;
Chad Karnowski, '04, recruiter, Admissions;
Jonathan Lamberton, '99, teaching fellow, Clerc Center;
Jeffrey Leach, manager, student financial services, Accounting;
Linda Lytle, '72, assistant professor, Counseling;
Amy English, teacher/research, Clerc Center; Frances Marquez, instructor, History;
Mary Martone, '73, English teacher/research, Clerc Center;
Sharon Matthews, '79, instructor, Math and Computer Science (temporary);
Heather McIntosh,'04, laboratory and instructional assistant, dean, CLAST;
Shirley Moore-Reid, residential night assistant, Clerc Center;
Lawrence Musa, '92, global education specialist, International Programs and Services;
Lynn Olden, guidance/transition counselor, Clerc Center;
Jacqueline Romaine, bus monitor, Transportation;
Steven Price, driver, Transportation;
Lillie Ransom, G-'79, associate professor, Communication Studies;
Angela Roberts, '98 & G-'99, residential educator, Clerc Center;
Sara Robinson, '02, digital collections archives technician, Library;
Ellen Schaefer-Salins, social work educational specialist, Social Work;
Christopher Sewell, E-'01, residential night assistant, Clerc Center;
Lawrence Siegel, Powrie V. Doctor chair, Doctor Chair of Deaf Studies;
Brian Sipek, recruiter, Admissions;
Tamara Suiter, '04, residential educator, Clerc Center;
Sondra Tessmer, '04, recruiter, Admissions;
Benson Tong, assistant professor, History;
Jason Trzebny, '02 & G-'04, interpreter I, Gallaudet Interpreting Service;
Madan Vasishta, '71, G-'73, & G-'83 associate professor, Administration and Supervision (temporary);
Thea Waller, administrative secretary II, Clerc Center;
Julie Whitehurst, scheduler, Gallaudet Interpreting Service;
Roger Williams, residential educator, Clerc Center;
Cheryl Wu,G-'89, assistant professor, Counseling

Posted: 5 Nov 2004

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