Alumni eNewsletter: Homecoming 2004 Featured the Mighty Gallaudet Spirit and Beautiful Autumn Weather (Archives)

Over 2,000 alumni and their friends and families attended Homecoming October 22 and 23, two beautiful fall days when Kendall Green was bright with fall colors.

Here are the major highlights of Homecoming 2004:

Five Greek alumni groups had their Conclaves on Thursday night. Four groups selected their Presidents: Brette Beaseley , ’89 (DE); M. J. Bienvenu, ’74 (PKZ); Travis Imel, ’00 (ASP); and Robert Weinstock, ’77 & G-’83 (KG).

The 2001-2004 GUAA Board of Directors had its fall meeting on Friday morning to hear reports and vote on 2005 GUAA award recipients. Three outgoing board members (Alan Amann, '94, west region board member; Race Drake, '63 & G-'64, home region board member; and Abby Strauss, '97 & G-'99, east region board member) were honored at the beginning of Dr. Yerker Andersson's talk to the Gallaudet Community.

Dr. Yerker Andersson, '60, retired sociology professor, gave a talk about social changes at Gallaudet to about 125 attendees in the Peikoff Alumni House. He was selected by the members of the Class of 1979 as their favorite professor .

The annual Pre-Homecoming Bash was a big hit and featured a performance by Rathskellar. Attendees actually stopped chatting to watch with awe the Rathskellar performance that included very loud music.

Sixteen members from the Class of 1954 participated in the golden anniversary reunion. One lady had not seen the campus for 50 years since her graduation. The class proudly voted the the Andrew J. Foster, ’54 Scholarship Fund as the recipient of the class’ reunion alumni giving program. They did this to honor their deceased classmate. At a breakfast emceed by Lenoard Peacock, class President Wes Dickson announced that class gift totaled $2,600. Later that day, classmates and spouses attended the Andrew J. Foster Dedication Ceremony at which the former Ely Auditorium was renamed the Andrew J. Foster Auditorium.

Eighty-one members from the Class of 1979 showed up for the silver anniversary breakfast on Saturday. Jeff Choate served as master of ceremonies at the event that featured courageous classmates sharing their "untold stories" (confessions) about their wrongdoings during their college days. The Class of 1979 designated the new James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center, which will be built on campus in the near future, as the recipient of the class' anniversary reunion alumni giving program. Members of the class who were not present at the reunion are welcome to support the fund.

At a first-time ever Homecoming event, 40 alumni from classes between 1944 and 1954 were inducted into the newly established Gallaudet Alumni Emeriti Club and honored with medallions for their years of service, loyalty, and support as alumni members for fifty or more years. The ceremony was held in Chapel Hall and was presided over by the Rev. Leeann Carrera, Gallaudet President I. King Jordan, ’70, Gallaudet Provost Jane Fernandes, GUAA President Andy Lange, ’83, SBG President Tawny Holmes, ’05, Will Madsen, ’52, and Ramon Rodriguez, ’54. Will wrote and signed a song called “Come Home to Gallaudet” dedicated to the Gallaudet Alumni Emeriti Club members. The new members proudly wore their medallions throughout the weekend and celebrated at a festitive luncheon on Saturday in the Peikoff Alumni House. A special and unexpected treat was being driven around campus in a golf cart by President Jordan who took Emeriti members from one place to another place to see homecoming festivities.

Another first was the Alumni Office's event occurred after the football game. It was for Young Alumni Reunion, members of the Classes 1994 through 2004 and was a great success.

Everyone was happy with the Gallaudet football team's easy win over Walter Reed,18-8. Unfortuately, however, the women's soccer team lost to Seneca Fury in its exhibition game, 4-2, and the men's soccer team was beaten by Maryland Bible College, 3-1.

Posted: 5 Nov 2004

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