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Gallaudet Alumni with Published Books On the Rise

The Gallaudet Office of Alumni Relations has a list of 150 Gallaudet alumni who are published book authors. The Peikoff Alumni House has a permament display of alumni published works. Everyone is welcome to view the display.

New books by Gallaudet Alumni:

Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School (2004) by Gina A. Oliva, G-'77

Anything But Silent (2004) by Mark Drolsbaugh, '92 & G-'95

Snooty (2004) by Raymond Luczak, '88

The following Gallaudet alumni authors recently contributed a signed copy of their books to the Peikoff Alumni House collection:

The Legend of Five Great Ghost Deaf Stories (2003) by James Gillies, '79

Triumph of the Spirit: the DPN Chronicle (2003) by Angel M. Ramos, Phd-'98

Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary (2002) by Debbie Meranski Sonnenstrahl, '58

Deaf Empowerment (1997) by Katherine A. Jankowski, '80

Black and Deaf in America by Ernest Hairston, '61 & Linwood Smith (deceased), '65 (deceased) (1983)

If you know a Gallaudet alumnus or alumna who recently published or will publish his/her book, please email with the author's name, class year, book title, year published, and name of publishing company so the office can keep its list of published works done by alumni updated.

The Office of Alumni Relations would like to expand its book display collection by receiving new and old published books from Gallaudet Alumni. If you are not sure if you have contributed a copy of your bookd to the office, please contact Or, you may donate a signed copy your book by mailing it to:
Rebecca "Bobbie" Boswell, Adminstrative Assistant/Interpreter
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Peikoff Alumni House
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC 20002

Posted: 14 Jan 2005

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