Alumni eNewsletter: GUAA Board Meeting Highlights (Archives)

Gallaudet University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors met at the CLAST Conference Room in the Hall Memorial Building on April 7, 2006. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

Peikoff Alumni House Renovation

Mickey Fields, deaf architect working for Gallaudet, gave the board a tour of the building. It was their first visit to the Peikoff Alumni House ("Ole Jim") since the renovation began after 2005 Homecoming. With hard hats on, they found first floor barren with a small opening showing where the swimming pool was. It is our intention to keep the opening exposed for the public. The opening will be covered with glass. The board found the Upper Level stripped. They were able to see the cracks from exterior walls. This has been causing damage to the insulation which will be replaced. Also, they found the building in a delicate condition which required a lot of repair. GUAA President Andrew Lange, ’83 remarked on what he saw which showed the dire condition the building was in and expressed a deep gratitude to the University for its efforts in preserving the building.

Note: The cost of the renovation is reaching $3 million. GUAA is assisting the University with $1.2 million from the GUAA Alumni House Maintenance Fund.

GUAA Creates Graduate Fellowship Fund in Honor of University President Jordan, ‘70

As announced after the last Board of Directors meeting in October 2005, the GUAA agreed to establish a new Graduate Fellowship Fund in honor of University President Jordan, ’70. This fund will be used to support students working towards a terminal degree at any accredited college and university including Gallaudet University.

This became a reality when the Memorandum of Understanding was signed by representatives from the GUAA (Executive Director Sonnenstrahl, ’79 & G-’84) and the University (President Jordan) during the meeting. The check of $25,000 from the GUAA was given to the University on April 26. It may take two years before the first award from this fund is made. This will allow the interest to accumulate.

Alpha Sigma Pi Fellowship Fund Can Be Used for Gallaudet Students

In the past, all designated Graduate Fellowship Funds under the auspice of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association can be used only to support deaf and hard of hearing students studying for a terminal degree at colleges and universities other than Gallaudet University. With the recent changes to the guidelines, designated funds can be used for Gallaudet students only if specified in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Alpha Sigma Pi Fellowship Fund is the first fund which the change made in the Memorandum of Understanding to support students at Gallaudet as well as other colleges and universities. The addendum was signed during the Board of Directors meeting. It may take two years to accumulate enough interest for the first award to a Gallaudet student.

GUAA Vice President Alyce Slater Lentz, ’76 & G-’78 Establishes Fund

Another fund became a reality during the Board of Directors meeting. It is "Gil Lentz, Jr. Endowment Fund." It was established by GUAA Vice President Alyce Slater Lentz in honor of Gilmer Lee Lentz, E-’79 who passed away last year. The fund will be used for scholarships for Gallaudet students (juniors, seniors, or graduate) who graduated or attended at least two years of high school from the California School for the Deaf in Fremont. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by University President Jordan and Ms. Lentz.

Posted: 3 May 2006

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