Alumni eNewsletter: Gallaudet wins College Bowl title by a landslide at 49th Biennial NAD Conference (Archives)

Congratulations to the 2006 College Bowl Champions: Andrew Stephens Phillips, Pia Marie Paulone, Drew Robarge and Jonathan Paul Chanin. Additional kudos go to head coach Robert Weinstock, ’77 & G-‘83 and assistant coach Sara Robinson, ’02. This is the fourth win for the team during the five times that Weinstock has been coach. Since the inception in 1988, Gallaudet has 6 wins; NTID with three wins, and CSUN with one. The breakdown of rounds shows below.

First round
NTID and Gallaudet challenged some questions to build up a strong lead over CSUN.

• CSUN 10
• NTID 20
• Gallaudet 16

Second round
NTID and Gallaudet were running neck-and-neck until NTID lost a challenge and as a result lost 6 points. There was a big debate over semantics of "prostitute" and "prostitution." The judges had to convene for a long time before making a final decision. NTID made a few blunders while Gallaudet gave more accurate answers. On the final question of the round, NTID lost another challenge and was mortally wounded. CSUN slowly worked their way up the whole round.

• CSUN 28
• NTID 35
• Gallaudet 58

Final round
NTID tried to challenge the judges on incorrect question in round 2 regarding "automotive" in the question but the answer was a tire company. The judges decided that it was too late to challenge the question since the 2nd round was already over and they missed the opportunity to challenge the question. Later NTID lost a big challenge and dropped way behind Gallaudet. They challenged yet again and answered correctly which brought them within striking distance of Gallaudet. Another challenge by NTID and… they lost! Gallaudet then had a commanding lead over the other universities and never looked back.
Final score:

• CSUN 13
• NTID 55
• Gallaudet 103

Excerpts about the rounds from the NAD Blog website

Posted: 6 Jul 2006

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