Alumni eNewsletter: NAD recognized numerous Gallaudet Alumni with awards at NAD's 49th Biennial Conference (Archives)

2006 NAD Award Recipients

Gerald "Bummy" Burstein, '50 - Frederick C. Schreiber Distinguished Service Award
Nancy Kelly-Jones, '72 - Andrew J. Foster Memorial Award
Robert G. "Sandie" Sanderson, '41 - Golden Rose Award
Steve Florio, '92 - Knights of the Flying Fingers (KFF) Award
Nancylynn Ward, G-'93 - Knights of the Flying Fingers (KFF) Award
Darlene Zangara, G-'90 - Knights of the Flying Fingers (KFF) Award
Elizabeth "Libby" Pollard, E-'60 – NAD-RID Outstanding Service to Interpreting Award
Joe, '57 and Kay Moody, E-'57 Rose - Senior Citizens Award
Alice Hagemeyer, '57 - Spirit of the NAD Award
Linda Jane Phillips, '04 - Youth Service Award
Nancy Bloch, G-’78 – President’s Award
Shelia Conlon-Mentkowski, G-‘74 - President’s Award
Helena Schmitt, ’71 – Chief Executive Officer’s Award

If you want to learn more about the awards and the receipients' contributions, the information can be found on the NAD Website.

Posted: 6 Jul 2006

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