Alumni eNewsletter: Letter from GUAA - Gallaudet Alumni Pamela Holmes, '74 Named BOT Chair (Archives)

Greetings Alumni,

I am delighted that Pam Holmes, Gallaudet Alumni Class of 1974 is the new Chair of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees.

I know Ms. Holmes very well. We go a long way back to the days of yonder, when we volunteered with TDI, Inc., the NAD and other organizations. I have known Pam for as long as I can remember, I believe I first met Pam in 1991, when I worked at AT&T and she at Ultratec.

Working closely with Pam on the National Association of the Deaf Telecommunications Access Network Committee allowed me to get an insight to her persona and her dedication to the well-being of our community. She is a tireless advocate for us and worked hard with the FCC and her stint on the Access Board with the Federal Government (all as a volunteer). Pam is truly an American Deaf Hero and I am delighted that she has been chosen as Chair of the BOT.

I found Pam to be consistent with what she says, fair to everyone, and a delight to be around. Her recent assignment as Chair of the Presidential Search Committee was a difficult one, considering the outcome. However, let’s not forget that the PSC recommended 3 candidates and it was up to the BOT to choose the finalist. From my conversations with other members of the PSC (the GUAA sent two representatives to the PSC), Pam handled the whole process in a fair and appropriate manner. This does not surprise me. She’s always have been fair, and truly cares about Gallaudet University.

I hereby pledge to Ms. Pamela Holmes, ‘74, Madame Chair of the Board of Trustees my full support and offer of assistance to her and the Board of Trustees to bring Gallaudet University to greater glory. I know that we will be successful because we all love and cherish Gallaudet. We WILL move forward.

Andy Lange, '83
GUAA President

Posted: 17 Nov 2006

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